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Mandala’s Workshop with Friends


Drawing, sketching, doodling, colouring, and painting are all ways to express creativity in a way that embraces everyone whether you are a novice or expert.

Science has proven that expressing your creativity is good for the brain by increasing focus, memory, and attention to detail. It also decreases stress and anxiety and is a perfect way to practice mindfulness and meditation.


In this workshop, we learn basic skills in creating beautiful Mandalas with a variety of tools and tips. You will leave confident that you can continue to create beautiful Mandalas and hopefully incorporate it as a way to spend a little time each day with yourself to quiet and refresh the mind, body and soul.

A great night with friends. Gather 4 - 8 friends together and I will teach the class in your home. Make if a fun night of learning, laughing, quiet moments of creating and everyone leaves with beautiful artwork. 

All supplies provided -paper, drawing tools, and colouring pencils


What is a mandala?

A mandala is an abstract design that is usually circular in form.  Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms.

  • Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms. They can also contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it.

  • Mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.

  • When you create your own mandala, think of it as an echo of your soul.

  • Drawing and coloring a mandala can be a highly enriching personal experience in which you look inside yourself and find the shapes, colors and patterns to represent anything from your current state of mind to your most deeply-desired wish for yourself, for a loved one, or for humanity.


You can design a mandala to symbolize a state of mind that you would like to achieve. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Many different cultures around the world use mandalas in their spiritual practices.


The best thing about designing your own mandala is that you have the freedom to choose whatever shapes and colors that you feel express your sense of self.

To schedule your Mandala Workshop with Friends contact Lee to book a date.

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