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Caring inspires action, and something beautiful grows!

Sending you love and happiness as we begin a New Year together.

Looking back at years past, we as a collective have faced profound challenges, testing our resilience and perseverance as a global community.

Out of these shared experiences, something beautiful grew — our desire to care more for one another.

Caring is a way we connect with one another, a response of an open heart, and like a muscle, with practice, our caring becomes stronger, and this action nourishes so many more.

When a friend is grieving a loss, you ask, “How can I help?” A neighbour struggles with illness; you offer to cook a meal. A senior needs help, and we offer our time and lovingness to them.

To care for one another means to also care for your own well-being.

By caring for ourselves and feeling healthy and whole, we can stay present in all life has to provide to us. Self-care is essential to living a more conscious life, a life following our destined purpose.

How can we help others if we are tired and unwell emotionally or physically?

Personally, I do not make resolutions. Most of them are unreachable in the time we give them, and a few months into the year, they seem to dissipate for most people, and then we allow space for doubt and negativity to fill the space that should be filled with love and gratitude for ourselves and others.

Instead, set intentions to be a little better every day in every way. Small actions lead to bigger and remember - that whatever you didn’t accomplish today is not a failure – simply a small delay. So, put it on the list for tomorrow and be grateful and happy with whatever you accomplished today. One step…two steps…moving forward is the key!

So, my suggestion for 2023 is to set an intention to make your self-care a priority and flex your caring muscles by lending a hand whenever it’s possible.

Sending you love, peace, and strength for this year and those to come.

May you have a healthy, happy 2023

I am here as an Intuitive Life Coach to offer assistance anytime you need a reminder of your greatness and a boost of positivity!