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Live a Soul-filled life!

Do you know how much of a miracle you are?

You are a soul (spiritual) on a human (physical) journey.

The human body is just a physical shell that is basically a vegetable unless a soul merges with it. The soul uses the physical body to experience existence in the physical plane (Earth).

The source that makes all living things in the universe is also the same source that is inside of you. This Divine Source interacts and is connected with the whole of you, which means your body, mind, and soul.

To live and honour a spiritual and physical life of happiness, serenity, and abundant health, it’s important to get to know your true essence – your soul. Your journey begins by reaching inwards to meet your soul and move through all the layers that have built up inside and around you over the years. We get whispers of knowing all through our journey, yet so often, as we rush through our days, we don’t hear them until they become a roar. The blessing of the last few months in isolation is that the pandemic has given us all time to pause, reflect, and get to know our true essence a little better.

It is never too late to start the journey.

I was living in the fast lanes 49 years of my life never slowing down to hear or become familiar with my soul and the purpose of my being here. My physical being kept sending me messages I wasn’t hearing until one day the voices began to roar and a life threatening illness stopped me in my tracks, giving me time thankfully, to listen and get to meet my true soul- self better. It is an ongoing journey of discovery.

Once you meet your soul-self, you will radiate pure light, confidence, courage, strength, and unconditional love for yourself and others. As you live your life from your soul’s perspective, you begin to appreciate yourself as a divine being, a miracle, and have a deeper awareness and appreciation of the soul essence in others.

In view of the current events happening around the world it doesn’t seem like we are working from our inner self, our soul, but it is important to remember that everything in the world is based on the inner consciousness of man.

We Have a Choice

We have a choice how we navigate through the world. Always remember, that one person (that means you) can make all the difference. You are a soul, so believe and know that you do have power and you do matter in this collective universe.

The more you connect with your soul, the more you will understand your divine purpose of why you chose to come here in human form in the first place.

How do we do this?

This week, try to honour yourself by spending some quiet time in contemplation, prayer, meditation, journaling, or even a slow walk outdoors in nature (without the iTunes blazing in your ears), whether it’s first thing at dawn or as the sun’s setting. It can be a walk on the beach or a stroll through the woods, or spending time working on a creative project, or simply doing something that you love.

By doing this you will begin to tap into your divine inner-self where you can meet, blend, talk, and listen to your soul.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I get to play with my inner self and that enables me to work with my clients to establish consistent ways in which to be and stay connected to the most important part of your being - the SOUL of your human journey. It’s waiting for you.

Go Live a Soul-filled life!

I Am here to help in any way I Can.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Spiritual Life Coach

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