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Finding Joy through the Tough Times

How we create a joyful place to exist is through our attitude, thoughts, and the positive actions we implement on a daily basis.

Feel the Joy

Be sensitive and empathetic and do activities that bring you joy. Denying yourself pleasure will not help anyone or the situation. Reading, gardening, yoga, watching TV, virtual happy hour with friends or taking a long walk in nature listening to the birds. Whatever you love to do, keep doing it. In fact, do it even more.

Keep yourself informed yet seek out the positive stories too. Nature is thriving, families are bonding, pets are being spoiled and heroes are rising.

Take comfort in how wonderful your life already was. Dream about what you want to create for the future. Staying positive will keep you mentally and physically healthy. You have to take care of you, so you can be there for others. Don’t feel guilty about smiling, laughing, relaxing and relishing moments of joy even during this crisis.

Find Your Flow

Focus is harder in times of distress. Remember to control what you can. Set yourself up to win and pick one priority at a time. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. If you have work that must be completed, first clear your workspace and your mind. Try a quick meditation, breathing deep, setting your intentions and preparing to be productive. The goal is to get going and find a flow. Take breaks when you need them. Celebrate what you can do versus what you can’t.

Support Others

Giving of ourselves always creates meaning, purpose and happiness in our lives. Use your skills and strengths to support someone. Do your part to make the world a better place. Every little thing counts. Be kind to strangers. Stay engaged with friends. Check in with your family to see how they are doing. Run errands for someone who can’t get out.

You could donate to a food bank in your community or donate to charities. Even a dollar makes a difference. However, know that giving of yourself is what really brings you and others happiness.

Stay healthy, hopeful and helpful.

Lee Pryke, Spiritual Life Coach