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Do we really want to go back to 'Normal'

For weeks I have heard people saying “ I just can’t wait for things to be back to normal.”

I remember even saying that a few times myself. But as I’ve thought about our current situation I have realized how much I don’t want things to go back to the way they were.

Here are a few of my thoughts...

1. I pray that the next time a friend grabs me and pulls me in for a hug, I actually take the time to appreciate the gift of their embrace.

2. I pray that when school resumes and you are dropping your kids off, you take the time to thank the staff for the amazing gift that they give to your family.

3. I pray that the next time I’m sitting in a crowded restaurant I take the time to look around at the smiling faces, loud voices and be more appreciative for the gift of community.

4. I pray that when I am at the grocery store that I take a moment to acknowledge the necessities of life and the amazing people who work so hard to keep us supplied.

5. I pray that I never again take for granted the ability to hop in the car and visit a friend, go to the mall, go to a movie, etc.

So, truth is, I don’t want things to return to the way they once were. I pray that we take the lessons and challenges of the past few weeks and create a new normal.

My goal is to appreciate more, love harder, and truly appreciate the daily abundance of blessings that were so easily overlooked just a mere few weeks ago. If someone tells you they love you, take it to heart!

If you need to talk about your feelings, I am available for a FREE call to chat and I promise it will be VERY UPLIFTING!

Lee Pryke, Spiritual Life Coach