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This is a time for Love NOT Fear

I wanted to address the concern in regard to the current situation with the COVID–19 Virus. While the full extent of COVID-19's global impact is yet unknown, it's a good idea to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your business.

As we listen to the news and read the posts on social media, it is clear that fear is rising among many. As challenging as it may be, this is a time when spreading love, compassion, and hope is so very vital for everyone.

In light of this pandemic, it's important to stay updated on health guidelines from trusted organizations like the World Health Organization, or Public Health Ontario. Ensure you're getting information from reliable sources to avoid spreading misinformation.

“This too shall pass” may seem in the far distance so the most important thing to remember now is to stay safe, distance your physical communication with others, and if you know of someone in need who cannot get food or medication, reach out and help if you can.

It is time for us to reach deep inside our souls and show more love and compassion and not get frantic with fear. So, while I work from home know that I am happy to share some light and love as well as respect for your feelings by phone or online.

I Am Here for You

As a life coach, I am here to offer support in dealing with your fear and anxiety. If you are isolated at home and want to share your feelings of what is happening in our world right now, need a smile and positive conversation, I would like to offer my services via phone, Skype or Zoom, where we can see each other and have a chat.

Please give me a call or send me an email if you would like to talk and I will gladly set up a time for us to get together.


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