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Am I A Procrastinator?

“I'll get it done when I get around to it.” Wait a minute, does that mean I am an award winning Procrastinator?

Before I was able to write this article and think of all the signs of a procrastinator, I had to first clean my entire house and watch every episode, of every season of Carnival Row. It’s not that procrastinators don’t like to work, it’s just that our process of accomplishing work is more spirited and diverse.

Being a Procrastinator

Put simply it means being unable to complete specific tasks in a timely manner because you are burdened by so many deadlines. Or maybe it’s actually really important you colour code your closet before getting started on any important work you need to do. Will that make you feel happier? more organized?

Here are a few signs that you most definitely are a procrastinator

  • You must clean right away. You must “clean” before you work. You haven’t cleaned your office in months but that report for work is due in a few hours and you really need to clean a space to work in.

  • A clean workspace is just as important as the dedication involved in producing good work. How are you supposed to focus on that report if you have magazines from 2012 on your printer?

  • Physical fitness suddenly becomes imperative, Your office is out-of-control, messy, and looks not unlike a really scary and disorganized closet. It’s obvious you should go work out for the first time in six months to help create momentum. Yeah! Working out! Get’s the blood pumping! Makes you ready to take on hours of cleaning!

  • Naps are necessary. Science says that power naps are the answer to all problems. I was skeptical at first, too, but if science says so, then it must be correct. "Before you start writing, I think it would be best to take a power nap. Power naps for procrastinators generally last about 2-5 hours.

  • Get Up Earlier. Getting up “super early” tomorrow to do work sounds like a perfect idea. It got a bit late after all that drawing and painting, and your body needs a nutritious healthy meal. I think in the cookbook section at Chapters there is a Vegetarian selection, you should totally go buy a cookbook and get a good meal and a great night of rest. You can wake up “super early” tomorrow and finish what you couldn’t get done tonight.

  • You’ve become a person who cannot “waste” a beautiful day. IT’S GORGEOUS OUTSIDE. You can work through the night, seriously. It’s so beautiful outside, it’s really a perfect day to learn to dance in the park. You’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, and honestly, you work better at night anyway.

I will get it done when I get ‘round TUIT

Some time ago, I found a lovely silver charm with the letters TUIT on the front. I read the card attached and said THIS IS FOR ME. Everyone who is a procrastinator needs a TUIT.

What is a TUIT?

It is a circular object giving its owner the ability to get done everything that would have otherwise been put off to a later date "when they got around to it."

This is not a new concept...

A long time ago, in ancient Egypt…

Procrastination is not a modern problem - even in the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, people found it hard to get things done. Take Queen Neffatuit, for example. She would put off even the most trivial of tasks, but the great Pyramid of Neffatuit must be her most famous legacy.

Such was the concern at the time that the great pyramid would not be completed, a beautiful gold plaque was crafted and given to her for her 40th birthday. This round ‘Tuit’ was a sign from her people and her son, Tuitkharmen, that she needed to pull her finger out and finish the project. The completed pyramid stands as a reminder to all that procrastination can affect us all - but can be overcome with the right help.

Over 3,000 years later, the gold round ‘Tuit’ that had been presented to Queen Neffatuit was discovered in a hidden tomb at the Valley of The Kings.

You can own a beautiful miniature of the round ‘Tuit’ that helped a famous Egyptian overcome her procrastination. They can be found online or in some jewellery stores. Once you have one you set! You can begin to actually get things done when they are supposed to be done and amazingly what happens is you begin to feel much happier and successful about your life!

Buy Tuit on AMAZON


I started writing a book on procrastination about four years ago and wanted to do more research.......I AM an EXPERT on procrastination, so feel free to contact me for more suggestions on how to get round TUIT Today!

I wrote this article today to INSPIRE me to get off my butt, pull out that silver TUIT, polish it up, and get it DONE! My book on Procrastination that is!

Lee Pryke, MPsy, ESCP

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