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If we trust in a universe that has a higher purpose, then family members are in our lives for a good

Families can be made up of a unique mixture of personalities. Despite the potential for so many to have similar traits, there are many different ways to express them.

As people marry into families and have children, even more personalities enter the picture. There may be some people that we would not choose to be related to, but that's what friends are for. If we trust in a universe that has a higher purpose for everything, then we must believe that family members are in our lives for a good reason. These reasons may be easy to see and appreciate in some, but others may present a challenge to figure out. With those, we can look for something we can learn or perhaps teach.

Some may think that moving away from the family and keeping distance is the answer, but the facts are that we are still attached energetically to all our family members, even those who have already passed on. Our families help us see where we have come from so that we may decide where we'd like to go. If we can learn to accept our families for who they are, then we go out into the world armed with the ability to deal with anyone.

What we learn from our families, even if they appear to be blank spots on our family trees, they are part of our identities as individuals. Acceptance does not mean we have to like them; we simply acknowledge that we are connected to them and honor that connection for like it or not, there is a reason.

Studying the ancient healing process called Ho’oponopono has taught me that we hold in our subconscious the memories of our families not only from this lifetime but farther back in our ancestry and they do have an effect on how we make decisions today because they are hidden within our subconscious memories or data.


If the results in your life are not as positive as you desire, you can change it.

It really isn’t as much about our families as it is about ourselves.

The truth is we are 100% responsible for ourselves and our choices, and although most of our choices are determined by the memories of our past and our ancestors, there is a way we can clean up those memories so we can get on with what we were intended to be and do in this lifetime free of the negative junk playing in our subconscious

Ho’oponopono can help delete the data that’s holding you back through love, forgiveness, trusting the process, and working on deleting the negative data so you are FREE to hear the pure inspiration from your higher self rather than making decisions based on the ‘stuff’ stuck in your subconscious.

You will never know what that ‘stuff’ is and it’s not important. What is important is to learn how to start cleaning up the mess of millions of memories automatically guiding your decisions.

I am recently certified as a Ho’oponopono Practitioner and learning myself every day how to clean up the mess dwelling within me. It will be ongoing for the rest of my life cause life happens, and I am happy to help you understand the process a little deeper if you are interested or feel inclined to show up in my life. .

You can learn about how to start HERE and if you feel like talking to me, please know I am here for you. In love and gratitude,

Lee Pryke