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Stuck in the Loop – Brain Farts

Brain farts

Those thoughts that get caught in the loop in your mind and cause gaps in your thinking and speaking process.

You have all experienced it! You forget a name or a word or a song title. Then later when you relax, do some mundane task or take a shower - AH-HA - out of the blue it comes to you. Been there. Done that. Too many times. Some refer to this as mind gaps or brain farts! I call it getting stuck in the loop! In hindsight what happens is in our busyness, anxiety, emotions, not paying attention, tensions, unconscious patterns and conditioning, etc. we lose our train of thought and in the fullness of our mind and emotions, it disappears until we find space for it to reappear. Let’s talk about creating space in our minds, hearts, ego, breath, awareness and subconscious mind to experience more life, love, light, soul, spirit, intuition, synchronicities and miracles that are our birthright and are continuously available to us. Mind Gaps Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Osho and others talk about the GAP between our thoughts and our breaths. When our mind slows down and for a few seconds stands still, we have access to a different realm and a connection to a new level of mind, possibilities and spirit. We are touching present moment awareness that leads to intuition, soul and spirit. There are literally hundreds of ways our mind keeps us overwhelmed - judging, seeking, wanting, comparing, monkey mind, defending, etc. Just think if you could ask questions and have your highest guidance or intuition answer - any question you want. After all like a hologram all parts are in the whole, the oneness is in you. You are as powerful as soul and source. It is all available to you now. You need only ask, be calm and listen. One of our most powerful practices is many times a day to - STOP and ASK and LISTEN.

To start you may have to learn how to listen and trust yourself.

As we are overwhelmed, busy, stressed, multi-tasking, judging, we pack our thoughts together tightly and they do not develop their openness, freedom, gladness, flow and peace of mind. To open the gap between thoughts, spend more time at peace, in meditation, being the watcher and observer of your thoughts. Go another step further. Ask yourself questions, relax and be ready to write down your answers. Just make them up. Answers come from somewhere! Be open to possibilities, healing, joy, balance, creativity, purpose, inspiration... Breath Gaps

Here are 4 ways to breath to find your most inviting and insightful breath gaps.

Do deep, forced INHALES, hold, and exhale two times longer and be aware of the transition points at the end of inhales and exhales.

Do deep, forced EXHALES, and again be aware of the transition points at the end of inhales and exhales.

Now do both a forced inhale and forced exhale and be aware.

Finally, just be breathed and watch your normal unforced, natural breathing.

This can be a great meditation or relaxation process. Get to know your 15,000 breaths per day.

As a Life Coach we learn the value of breathing through the mind gaps and how to relax and live our joy and purpose. IF you are looking for a little guidance please reach out and let’s have a conversation to see if we compliment each other through a life coaching program.

I AM I CAN Life Coaching

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