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We Believe What We Tell Ourselves

Do you ever stop and give thought to the chatter in your head?

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you are right.” Henry Ford

Every day thousands of thoughts swirl around in our head. We are usually on auto pilot and unless we stop to listen, the words may be negative self talk that affect the way we feel and act, and not in the best way to be of service to ourselves and others.

It is well documented that we believe more of what we hear ourselves say than anything else.

Is it time to start listening and learning how to reset the chatter to a more positive dialogue?

One of the things I learned, on my healing journey, was to talk back to the negative voices in my head. For many years I never stopped to pay attention to the thoughts I had swirling around in my head and looking back the results showed up as a result.

I have witnessed a series of ‘aha’ moments that have shown me how important it is to learn to listen to the thoughts and what we tell ourselves.

For example, our internal voice would say “don’t forget to finish the presentation” instead of “remember to finalise the details on the presentation” or “I don’t want to be late to the board meeting again” rather than “I will be the first person at the next board meeting”.

It’s important to ensure that what we are telling ourselves is what we want to believe, not what we don’t want.

Here is an exercise to create positive thoughts to believe in...

Buy yourself a journal, doesn't have to be fancy. I like spiral bound journals because they lay nice and flat.

I want you to take the list below and write it out. Ten times. Yes, ten times. Always keep this journal with you . When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, get out your journal and counter that thought with one of the positives below. Say it out loud and write it down, ten times. Really reinforce it.

This takes practice, but it doesn't take long to change the way you think, once you become aware of your thoughts.

  • Everything will work out.

  • Things will get better.

  • I am important.

  • I am worthy of great things.

  • I am loveable.

  • The time is now.

  • This too, shall pass.

  • I can be who I really am.

  • The best is yet to come.

  • I am strong.

  • I can do this.

I designed an interactive journal I use In my coaching practice, to create sentences similar to the ones above. The key to changing the story in our heads is repetition., repetition, repetition.

You can purchase the journal on Amazon and work on your own or we can play together and bounce ideas off each other.

The journal is a gift to you as one of my life coaching clients.

Let’s have a conversation about what YOU believe is true about you and your life!

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Life Coaching

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