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Positive Mindset It’s a Daily Practice

You are always so happy and positive, how do you do it?” That is a question I am asked on a regular basis.

“You are always so happy and positive, how do you do it?” That is a question I am asked on a regular basis.

It doesn’t always come naturally to be positive in the midst of what life gives us daily, and what I have found through my life coaching is that like any other good thing we establish in our routine – it takes practice every day, consistently over time.

We get up everyday and brush our teeth without question. We have things we do automatically every day because either we have been doing them for such a long time and/or they work for us.

We know positive affirmations make us feel better, that watching inspiring videos make us smile inside, that listening to upbeat music makes us want to move and dance, yet so often we (yes, I include myself) start off with a good intention to do the work to be happy and positive every day, but often it slides to the bottom of our To Do list.

Yes, in the beginning of making change, it is work. It is work to form a habit good or indifferent and too often we fall back into default and LET life guide us rather than stepping up and consistently doing things we know make us feel better.

A great place to start is accepting that we deserve to be happy and taking small steps towards forming the habit of reminding ourselves that we are good enough, smart enough, and brave enough to be happier even through the challenges of life. It is really all about paying attention to our thought process. What we think about most of the time is what we manifest and that is where having a positive mindset helps.

In my life coaching, I encourage journaling affirmations and doing an exercise called I Am Sentences. In my workbook/journal called My I Am Journal of the amazing, brave, courageous person I Am, the first exercise in building a positive mindset, is this exercise:

  1. Create an alphabet list from A – Z with as many positive words as you can for each letter

  2. EVERY DAY make time to create 3-5 sentences using words from anywhere in your positive alphabet.

I AM amazing, brave, courageous, efficient

I AM strong, positive, joyful, desirable

I Am beautiful, deserving, loving, fantastic

3. Repeat throughout the day out loud, post it on a mirror, write it down in your journal.

Now keep on going and do this exercise each day for the next month and see how you begin to feel and think!

This is a small step towards positive change with huge impact when you remember that just like brushing your teeth daily, repeating this exercise as a daily routine, will form a habit that can help shift your mindset when life seems to be giving you more than you think you can handle. Even when you don’t believe the words at first, over time they will imprint into your conscious and give you the courage to continue taking more steps towards having a positive mindset.

You can purchase my workbook/journal on Amazon or book a FREE Life Coaching consultation with me to discuss working together with the journal and more ways to be the best version of YOU!

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