Getting Back to Happy Holiday Basics

Holiday Celebrations

There are many joyful memorable ways to celebrate the holidays without spending too much money or burning out in the process.

Holidays can be the perfect time to consider what matters most to you. This may be family, community, helping those less fortunate. If you do want to give gifts to those special people in your life, consider presents that encourage positive living or whose impact will continue long after the holidays.

Instead of giving your friends and family an item they may not need or use because it is trendy, give them the gift of your time. You could help them organize a party, help clean their home, offer a lift to an appointment. This can give you special, joyful time together to celebrate your love and friendship. Maybe suggest a cookie bake together or some other home-made baking or DIY gift that you can give to other friends and family members.

Do what makes you feel happy and joyful through the holiday season and then stop before your celebration becomes more of a hassle than a happy occasion. Get back to the basics of generosity and goodwill, and your holiday will certainly be a rewarding one. Happy Holidays to everyone from I Am I Can, Lee Pryke

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