I am Blessed with Opportunity

Sometimes you want to take a toll of how your life is going. Are you following your passion? Are you living on purpose?

Recently I asked myself these questions -

What brings you Joy?

What feels good every day?

Is what you are doing helping others?

What is making you money?

When I thought about it the answer was clear. My life coaching and my VoxxLife business answered all questions with a yes.

As a life coach I not only help others, I learn from my clients and together we grow in all areas of life.

My business with VoxxLife Wearable Neuro started with me as a client and when I saw how much it improved my balance, stability, pain, and calmed my brain, I knew this was a product that I could help so many people with. Over a year and I continue to help others and build a very comfortable residual income by sharing with others who have the same passion - helping others. Every day I see and hear stories from real people finding relief from a variety of pain and grateful for this wearable technology.

We now have a patch to add to our socks and insoles which I have been wearing 24/7 and it is wonderful to be in sandals in the summer and know the tech is still helping my body.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing tech or talk about where you are on your life path and looking for some guidance through life coaching or spiritual teachings, please contact me. It brings me joy to be of service.

Here is my website for the wearable neuro tech to read about the science and watch videos from real people sharing their success. CLICK HERE

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