Ways to stay INspired

Every day life happens. Sometimes it starts out amazing and sometimes THINGS get in the way that may set us in a downslide to forgetting our internal greatness. When I am feeling a little less than, I do some or all of the following.

1. Listen to music that makes me want to dance. One of my favourites is Despacito. Here is the video

2. Reading is a great way to INSpire your brain and change your mood. Learning is vital to our well being and making time every day to read even for one hour enlightens your spirit. It could be humour, spiritual, educational, or perhaps your favourite fiction novel. I personally have four or five on the go by my bedside.

I write about Happiness in my e-magazine called Happiness Dialogue. You are welcome to check it out and give me your thoughts. Click on the this happy little girl below.

3. Watching a video. I love Ted Talks and sometimes I simply google inspirational videos. Here is one that reminds me to stop the 'stinkin thinkin' in my brain and keep going forward.

Are YOU feeling a little more INspired? I hope so. Lee Pryke

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