Writing makes me Happy

Writing makes me Happy

It started at a very early age. I wasn't aware at the time where it would take me and now in my later years I am pleased to say my writing as turned into three books/journals. My type of writing is keep it short and sweet. How many books do you have ready to read and hoping that perhaps it will get done through osmosis since you are so busy to get to it. Your intention was good when you purchased the book however the size of the book is a little daunting.

My journals can be read in an hour, have a profound message of hope and happiness, and are interactive so you can take it on the go, write and doodle inside, and keep it as a reference when you need a little 'boost of happy'.

Today I am writing for others. I have been working with a platform called Klusster.com and recently became a Klusster Certifed Professional.

What does that mean? Klusster provides the online presence for businesses to tell their story about why they love what they do. Many people can talk about their WHY but feel they cannot write about it and that is where I come in.

Tell me about yourself and I will write a beautiful piece of content. We can create an entire magazine about your business using a few pieces of content about your business. Here is an article that explains better what I am creating. CLICK HERE

Writing makes me happy and I would love to help you tell YOUR story.

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