Happiness Dialogue

For so many years I dealt with living my life in survivor mode and I will be honest, it wasn't always easy, however I am grateful for much of it because it made me resiliant and able to cope better with the ebbs or speed bumps as I like to call them. It made me into a thriver! I learned that as long as we don't turn the speed bumps into stop signs, we can learn from our experiences and find a better solution should things go aray again. Part of being able to do this is being grateful for not only the good moments, but the not so great and trying to live each day with more and more moments of happy.

I strive to not be happy all the time because that would be living in a bubble, but to be a little bit happier each day, for those little moments that appear when we take the time to slow down and breathe.

Another thing I like to do is write about happiness. Having an ongoing dialogue through my writing and reading what others say about ways to be happy in life, work and play; keeps me thinking positive thoughts.

I started an emagazine called Happiness Dialogue where I post articles with my thoughts, videos, and the perspective from experts in the field of happiness.

I invite you to visit and hopefully it will make you smile, feel good, and find a little more happy in your day.


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