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Thoughts are Powerful

It begins with a thought generated from the memories we hold in our subconscious, and turns into the words we speak, and the action we take. Our subconscious holds millions of memories, we are unaware of, that run the program called our conscious and the world we perceive is based on those memories. We are 100% responsible for ourselves and only ourselves. It all begins with YOU. It is the subconscious that needs to be cleaned and cleared so that we may connect with our Divine, however that looks for you. 
We do not need to know why or what lies deep within us, as it comes from generations before our human existence, we only need to understand how to acknowledge the memories and release them.


Intuitive Life Coach/Mentor

As an Intuitive Life Coach, Lee utilizes her degree in psychology along with spiritual training and intuition to guide you towards discovering the unique, one-of-a-kind gift you have to offer the world by being connected to your true passion.

Lee designs a plan to enrich all areas of your life by working together to eliminate old paradigms (memories) and rediscover the authentic person you already are. 

"Coaching is about improving an individual's capacity to focus, learn, and innovate. 

You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help them find it within." - Galileo Galilei


Coaching  goals

  • Inspiring positive life transformation

  • Discovering your true self and purpose

  • Having an abundant mindset

  • Personal independence and financial freedom


Plan A - One on One Personally Designed 12 Week Program includes ongoing support for 6 months.

Plan B - One on One Coaching in person or onlilne for 8 weeks


Group Sessions - 12 Week Program for Success. You choose your friends (4 - 6) to work together once a week, and ongoing support for 6 months. VIRTUAL ONLINE Coaching


For details and to book your FREE consultation contact Lee


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