Wearable Neuro Technology with VoxxLife

Once in awhile something comes along that blows your mind with its simplicity at changing how you feel physically and emotionally.
I was sceptical myself until I tried it, and after seeing how it improved by balance and stability, I want to help others feel better without pills, electrical devices, or surgery. It is safe for everyone, any age and pregnant women. 
How Does It Work?

Trigger a response 

When neuroreceptors on your feet or arms come in contact with the Voxx HPT pattern, a neuro response is triggered, sending information to your Central Nervous System (CNS). 

Affect the body

The CNS processes that information and activates commands for your peripheral nervous system to follow, from regulating pain, to maintaining motor control and balance.

Feel the difference

The effect is immediate, so you focus less on weathering through physical pain and discomfort, and more on living a happier, healthier life

I Am I Can Life Coaching

Cambridge, ON, Canada

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Lee Pryke, MPsy, E.S.C.P.    


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