The essence of your being, the energy you share, the non physical part of a person

that is the heart of emotions and character; the soul - the Spirit.

Energy works in many ways - Everything is Energy

"Inside of us all resides the power and tools to live the life we desire and are intended to live with joy, happiness, and enough positive energy to want to jump out of bed every day with a smile.

Life happens and at times can be hectic and filled with ebbs and flows. 

There are times in everyone's life when we can benefit from a refresh and a reboot."  Lee Pryke

Elemental Space Clearing®

As a Professional Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, I offer this unique and sacred method of Space Clearing where you actively clear the energy in a space. 

This isn’t clutter clearing, where you shift physical clutter from your home or business (though this will start to shift dense, negative energy from your home).

This is energetic clearing where you actively choose to shift negative, dense, heavy energies or feelings from a space and replace them with positive, uplifting feelings you want in your home, business and life.

In ancient times, people understood the importance of creating a sense of harmony in their dwellings. They developed techniques and methods to release stagnant energy and to invoke vitality in living spaces.

Native Americans used drums, rattles, and burning herbs in their rituals. The Chinese used gongs, chanting and incense. In medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared energy. In the Middle East, burning resins, such as frankincense and myrrh were used to dispel negativity.

Some of these traditions have survived virtually unchanged in modern times. 

Clearing are available for office space, homes, and for an individual. They are effective by distance or in person. 

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Creative Meditation In Action
Shamballa On - Love without Conditions

Shamballa Healing Reboot and Restore

In one session you will re-energize (uplift the Joy) increase focus and clarity, (calm the chaos) and bring your body, mind and spirit back into harmony and balance.

Includes Shamballa healing, with the use of therapeutic essential oils to release the negative energies that may be holding you back replacing it with clear, positive energy. 

You will experience the reset and feel restored and balanced. You receive an aura spray with specific essential oils for you to preserve the clearing or any time you desire a `boost of happy'.


Energy goes where attention flows and this work can be done in Person or by Distance anywhere in the world.


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"For years people have been doodling from children to Presidents. The reason is that doodling is calming and relaxing to the brain, a way to clear the mind chatter and retain focus. Recent studies show that doodling has many health benefits to all ages. 

  • Doodling Helps You Concentrate.

  • Doodling Can Help Spur Creative Insight.

  • Doodling Can Help Process Emotions.

  • Doodling Can Be A Creative Outlet.

  • Doodling Can Help You Learn Better.

  • Doodling Helps Big-Picture Thinking.

My doodles grew into a passion for creating unique art pieces and I teach a class called Creative Meditation In Action to show others that within each one of us lives a creative genius." Lee Pryke

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Here are a few of my works after a few years of practice.