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Art and Books


Journaling, creating mandalas, painting a canvas, and colouring, are all forms of art therapy 

and self-expression. 

Art Therapy is a tool I often use in my life coaching to teach my clients a fun and creative way

to express and release stuck emotions and establish goals towards their life purpose and vision.

Mandalas have been used for centuries, in many cultures to create a calm state of mind and allow

the flow of positive energy from within.


As an artist, I express myself with art by doodling, creating mandalas, sketching, and writing workbook journals. It is a wonderful way to relax, clear the mind clutter, improve focus, and strengthen memory. I call it 'creative meditation'. 
Visit my designated WEBSITE for more art..

Here is a few samples of my art. I do commissioned pieces upon request.

Original Art by Lee Pryke
Original art by Lee Pryke

My Published Books

self help workbook journal

Book TWO in series Happy in a Handbag

My I Am Journal of the Amazing, Brave, Courageous Person I Am


This journal is Book TWO in a series called Happy in a Handbag, an invitation to bring out the best version of You. 
It is a guide filled with tips and exercises on building self worth and confidence, by understanding the power of thoughts and the words we use to create the world around us. 
Within each one of us is an amazing, brave, courageous person and this journal will walk you through some of the major areas towards manifesting the joy of being the Best Version of You and making your dreams a reality.
"Inside each one of us there is a unique exquisite individual waiting to unleash their full potential. Let this book be your guide to releasing the negative thoughts and living a life filled with joy, success and happiness." Lee Pryke

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Book ONE in series Happy in a Handbag

What If Just for Today...a journal of endless possibilities


This journal is what transpired on my path of finding more “happy”, changing the grumbles into endless possibilities, and loving ME enough to take a deep breath and either observe the beauty or make more beauty with a little paint and paper.
I hope you smile, find your creative inner child, feel the joy and happy, and love yourself a little more as you create your own journal through these pages.
My life purpose is to inspire young women and women at any age to truly love who they are, exactly as they are today as they build the confidence to shine their brilliance out to the world both personally and professionally.

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21 day gratitude journal

21 Days of Gratitude & More Challenge

Living a Life of Gratitude reduces stress and increases our chances of living a longer, healthier life. Sometimes challenging ourselves is a good thing.


This book is ready to go for a 21 Day of Gratitude Challenge and more. It takes 21 days to form a habit so go ahead and start your 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge and make it a life long happy habit!

Start a challenge at work, for your team, or as a family daily routine.

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Adult Colouring Books

original art colouring book by Lee Pryke
original art by Lee Pryke
original art colourig book by Lee Pryke

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