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About Lee

As a young girl raised in what she calls a normal dysfunctional family. Lee discovered early how to get around and over the speed bumps of life. Her mission is to help others travel the path with more ease and happiness, thriving not simply a surviving. 


Lee's creative nature blossomed at the age of six, when she surprised her mother with a play dough pie in the oven baking (with the oven on). The delectable aroma filled the kitchen, bringing her mother running!

Once the smoke cleared, the laughter could be heard far and wide.  A chef ~not so much~a jovial ray of sunshine to light your way~ ABSOLUTELY!


Blessed with surviving heart failure, Lee had an AH HA moment while being interviewed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. As the tears flowed, Lee realized from a small child her heart was emotionally broken, keeping her stuck in survivor mode that eventually manifested into a physical condition. In this moment, Lee's determination to fix it, moved her from survivor to 'thriver', on a path to help others fix the broken pieces with a holistic alternative approach.


Why partner with Lee 

  • Certified Professional Life Coach and Happiness Coach

  • Masters in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences

  • Certified Elemental Space Clearing®Practitioner

  • Certified Shambala/Reiki Master Teacher

  • Law of Attraction Practitioner


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