It All Begins with You

Each soul on earth has access to Universal Wisdom. Do not seek for answers outside of yourselves.

When you do it continues the cycle

of giving your power away.

I will guide you towards being aware that you are

the power you seek.

The value I give to you is clearing old memories

stuck in your subconscious of

what you are not...and guide you towards

your true essence and the person you came here to be!

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With Lee’s guidance and direction I’ve learned spiritually, the positive effects  of energy flow

and healthy healing


Lee Pryke engages her clients and readers with her heart based words and attitude towards life.


 Lee thoughtfully listens to all and in return displays deep insight, reflecting back to each the love they already carried inside but were often

unable to find

I Am I Can Life Coaching

Cambridge, ON, Canada


Lee Pryke, MPsy, E.S.C.P.    


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